Depends on what type of server they are running, 
You could add a script in there that takes a query string that will invoke a
set of 
drop table statments, 
followed by some file delete's 
But as I have never seen the need to do this, I dont have any code that can
help you 

But I am sure you will be able to just add a switch in the index page, that
takes something like this 

if (isset($op) && $op == "deletesite")
 // Drop sql tables
 $conn = mysql_connect("host","user","pass");
 $sql = "DROP TABLE tableName";
 $rs = mysql_query($sql, $conn);
 for each $file in $files
   // some delete code 

But yet again I would rather do this via legal means than destroy code.

my $0.02 worth 


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I have a funny request; I wrote a system for a client and am rather 
concerned that I am not going to receive payment for the work done. They 
want me to hand over the code before they are willing to pay, so 
basically I will be left at their mercy; if they don't pay, they will 
still have a working version of the system...
So, is there any way I can inconspicuously code in some boo-boo's that 
are time related etc. Something that will bomb the mysql tables or break 
some code if it is not "unlocked" within a month etc.
I'm not sure if people out tjere might have existing safeguard tools 
etc, so I'm open for suggestions.
PS, I know about Zend's encrypter, but since it will live on their 
server, I don't think it will help much since they will need the 
decrypter on there anyway right?


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