I'm sure we've all had our problems with the client who just doesn't feel 
like paying.  In my particular market, summer resorts and vacation spots 
are pretty much the main source of web work.  Now alot of these businesses 
are very good in paying, normally I receive payment within a week of 
sending a bill - however, there are always one or two black sheep in the heard.

Last summer I had one of the clients owing in the upper thousands for work 
I had been doing over a 7 month period - always with the promise that 
whenever I needed to get the money, it'd be there ... you know, cuz we're 
all so well off doing web work we can just let a client sit for 7 months 
and not get anything out of it ... its fun working for free.

Anyways, it came down to a small point - this client was starting up a new 
addition to his business which required participants to register online for 
... another plus on my side was that this client had just moved his site 
from an NT server to UNIX and I was still mid-converting the code ... well, 
I sorta dragged my feet in getting the files uploaded to the new server 
until one Saturday morning I receive this angry panic call that nothings 
working, he has people who claim they've registered and he has no record, 
blah blah blah ...

Short story long, he drove into town that very same morning, I received a 
notarized check from his bank stating that he did in fact have the funds in 
his account, and then uploaded the files.

Its best to avoid these types of clients, but if you are in a small market 
such as I am, ignoring one sector or even one client of that sector is 
inevitable suicide ... frequent bills and frequent calls seem to be the way 
to go ... 

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