1. I believe every serious programmer out there uses arrays on a regular 
1.1. ...exactly because there are so many problems virtually unsolvable 
without them. Take for instance the case of a product page where people 
would fill in ordering quantitites.

My recommendation would be not to study arrays, but rather try solving 
problems using them - that way you'll have a better chance to remember 
what you've learned. But then again, that's me - maybe you learn better 
in other ways.

If you want to sleep, you can use sleep($seconds). But why in God's name 
would you want to do that?


r wrote:

>Greetings people,
>Special greetings to all of you who have helped me in the past.
>As most of you know i am a newbie, I learned a bit of PHP via webmonkey and
>a few other places, seeing the power of PHP i decided to convert from Java
>servlets and JSP (JSP coz its expensive to host and not many hosting
>opportunities) so I baught a book called "The PHP black book".
>Anyway, now that the background is done heres my questions:
>1)How many of you have seriously dug into arrays and has it been important
>in your programming?
>1.1)Do you think you could have done the same thing you did with arrays
>WITHOUT arrays?
>(The reason i ask this is theres a whole chapter dedicated to arrays in the
>book & its pretty frustrating)
>Last question:
>Is ther any function to make the program "sleep" for 10 seconds or so? or
>does anybody have a function that does this?
>ANY replies.... good,bad,flames will be welcome.
>/* You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom. */

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