1. I have dug deeper into arrays than I care to remember.

2. Absolutely not.

3. See http://www.php.net/sleep and http://www.php.net/usleep

Glad to hear you're converting to PHP! It's an amazing language, and I
don't see it going away any time in the near future. Hope you have fun,
and be sure to ask if you have any more questions. I always try and
answer questions on the list if I have the time, and know the answer.

Matthew Walker
Senior Software Engineer
ePliant Marketing

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Subject: [PHP] Newbie question to everybody....PHP

Greetings people,
Special greetings to all of you who have helped me in the past.

As most of you know i am a newbie, I learned a bit of PHP via webmonkey
a few other places, seeing the power of PHP i decided to convert from
servlets and JSP (JSP coz its expensive to host and not many hosting
opportunities) so I baught a book called "The PHP black book".
Anyway, now that the background is done heres my questions:

1)How many of you have seriously dug into arrays and has it been
in your programming?
1.1)Do you think you could have done the same thing you did with arrays
WITHOUT arrays?
(The reason i ask this is theres a whole chapter dedicated to arrays in
book & its pretty frustrating)
Last question:
Is ther any function to make the program "sleep" for 10 seconds or so?
does anybody have a function that does this?

ANY replies.... good,bad,flames will be welcome.

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