Let's see if I can keep this short and simple.
I'm  having to problems with a hosting service.
1. index.php isn't being read as default index.
2. Form aren't working (see a below mail_call.php).
2A.The mail_call.php works on my localbox (apache-2.0.36 +PHP4.2.0)
2B. Hosting company,for reason they didn't make clear are running 
apche.2.0.35 and PHP4.2.0?RC4?

The SA at the hosting company assured me that DirectoryIndex was 
correctly configured for both the top level site index and VirturalHost?

My question is what can I do from a PHP scripting standpoint to *help*
the hosting company troubleshoot this issue? This has been going on
now for almost a month.

David Jackson

------ Mail_call.php -----

<head><title>MailCall: Don't forget the stamp!</title></head>

print "<pre>";
print $_POST['from'];
print $_POST['mail_to'];
print $_POST['sub_ject'];
print $_POST['comments'];
print "</pre>";
<?php mail(
"X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()
  ) ?>

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