On Sunday 12 May 2002 00:12, David J Jackson wrote:
> Let's see if I can keep this short and simple.
> I'm  having to problems with a hosting service.
> 1. index.php isn't being read as default index.
> 2. Form aren't working (see a below mail_call.php).
> 2A.The mail_call.php works on my localbox (apache-2.0.36 +PHP4.2.0)
> 2B. Hosting company,for reason they didn't make clear are running
> apche.2.0.35 and PHP4.2.0?RC4?
> The SA at the hosting company assured me that DirectoryIndex was
> correctly configured for both the top level site index and VirturalHost?
> My question is what can I do from a PHP scripting standpoint to *help*
> the hosting company troubleshoot this issue? This has been going on
> now for almost a month.

If it has been going on for a month now then either the hosting company is 
completely incompetent or you haven't been pushing for a resolution as 
vigorously as you should have. If the former then witholding payment of your 
hosting fees might 'help' them :)

Did you know before you signed up that they were using cutting technology  -- 
Apache 2.0.X and PHP 4.2.X -- which apparently don't play well together (yet).

Your best bet is to stick to the tried and tested Apache 1.3.X series, maybe 
you can persuade them to downgrade?

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