Jason --
In actual fact the hosting company in question is used by a friend of 
mine, but not my me :)
And I agree he needs to "draw a line in the sand", I mean the guy uses 
them for 2 sites and
his ISP?! It's time to say fix it by Monday at 08:00 or I'm canceling my 
accounts, but that's
just me and you.

My hosting company CQHost, is gettiing ready to put up 4.2.0  but as you 
suggested they
sticking with 1.3.x  for now, what's kind of nice is they message saying 
 Hey, there's been
some changes to 4.2.0, check you scripts.

Thanks for you reply,

>If it has been going on for a month now then either the hosting company is 
>completely incompetent or you haven't been pushing for a resolution as 
>vigorously as you should have. If the former then witholding payment of your 
>hosting fees might 'help' them :)
>Did you know before you signed up that they were using cutting technology  -- 
>Apache 2.0.X and PHP 4.2.X -- which apparently don't play well together (yet).
>Your best bet is to stick to the tried and tested Apache 1.3.X series, maybe 
>you can persuade them to downgrade?

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