I hope I didn't sound impolite, I really didn't mean to offend you, because
if it weren't for your tutorial I would probably still be trying to figure
out how to parse attributes and get XML Content into variables. Anyway, the
performance and efficiency doesn't really interest me at this point. I just
want to get the thing working before I work on improving it. What I really
want to do is build up to a full time XML Database application. I know a
flat file XML DB won't be as fast as mySQL, but the entries can be edited
with any text editor, and ported to any platform, and it will be fairly easy
to do. I just have to get the hang of XML Parsing and I will be half way
Anyway, you asked "What's the point of doing the if == 'LIST_ITEM' check in
the character handler rather
than the end handler?", well the point is that if it is LIST_ITEM I want to
the content in a variable. As far as I know this cannot be done in the end
handler. Second of all the array_push is there for a reason I am not even
sure about, but when I try to remove it the code doesn't work. I will
experiment later with alternatives, but for now my main concern is what I
previously mentioned: Getting the different values from the same XML tag
into an array.

>PS:  Please be polite.  Don't top post and only include immediately
relevant portions
>from prior emails.

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