Well, the robots we have in the Army are controlled by wireless neural
networks run by tiny chips implanted into our brains while at basic
training. This controls the army of robots hidden under the mountains of
Colorado that actually do all of our typing for us...


You need to get a little more specific. Is this a specific form, or do you
want to be able to post any form? What kind of script is processing the
form? Is it looking for GET or POST data? GET data is as simple as creating
a URL with the nec. fields. POST is a little harder, but just required you
to send the appropriate headers with the data. "filling out a form" isn't
much different than any other web request. The "data" just included in the
URL or in the headers, and the "action" page of the form processes that

---John Holmes...

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Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 2:20 PM
Subject: [PHP] How program automatic 'filler forms' robots?

> Hello, I am interested on some info - how do robots  work to fill web
> forms authomatically?
> Sometimes I notice a blurr code to be manually writen to avoid these
> robots when filling forms, but I am interested in programm just one of
> these machines. Is it necessary PHP of another script for this task?
> Thank for any info
> Mig
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