You need to tell PHP to input the value and you should be using "'s


<input type="text" name="driver" length="20" value="<?php echo
$_GET['driver']; ?>">

This example assumes you are using at least PHP 4.1, also you may use
$_REQUEST instead of $_GET if you are going to be using both GET and POST

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"1LT John W. Holmes" wrote:

> You need to get a little more specific. Is this a specific form, or do you
> want to be able to post any form? What kind of script is processing the
> form? Is it looking for GET or POST data? GET data is as simple as
> a URL with the nec. fields. POST is a little harder, but just required you
> to send the appropriate headers with the data. "filling out a form" isn't
> much different than any other web request. The "data" just included in the
> URL or in the headers, and the "action" page of the form processes that
> data...

Hello John, thanks for your reply.

suppose this form into myurl.html (i will replace < and >  by [ and ] to
unwanted url treatment into msgs)

[input type=text name=driver length=20]
[input type=text name=os length=20]

I figured could open myurl.html already with filled values by calling


but it appears not working. I regularly program PHP and pass url parameters
this way to my php scripts successully.

My problem is as follow: there are many forms around web I will need fill
regularly with values at every week (or months). My idea is to create a
database with these web urls, containing all info needed to fill
these forms. Probably will need to store info about these pages uses get or
post commands, I really don't know how to begin with.

At every week, I would call my PHP script and browse all these urls and
automatically fill values to call pages with values already filled. I even
don't know how my 'robot' could send button action commands to these forms.

Ok, thats all.

Thanks for any info on this subject.


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