"SHEETS,JASON (Non-HP-Boise,ex1)" wrote:

> You need to tell PHP to input the value and you should be using "'s
> example:
> <input type="text" name="driver" length="20" value="<?php echo
> $_GET['driver']; ?>">
> This example assumes you are using at least PHP 4.1, also you may use
> $_REQUEST instead of $_GET if you are going to be using both GET and POST
> methods.
> Jason

Hello Jason

Well, maybe I got little confusion by naming 'myurl.html' rather than
'yoursurl.html', because web pages I want to fill automatically are web pages
built by another people I have no contact with. For instance (it is not true,
but it worth like example), I want to fill automatically some creditcard page
with name, account , address and so. I want to program my script to fill exactly
that page, because I know that URL, I can peruse through that html source and
learn what name values are into form and I know exactly how that url treat those
names (get, post etc). The only problem is: I am obligued to call that url and
write manually all data.

Suppose I need to fill that web page thounsand times (to all my employers), then
I want to make some kind of script to call url passing parameters, in a way when
that page appears to me, it already has all fields filled with correct values (I
only would need to press the 'send' button). If possible, I would like to press
'send' button also automatically.

I know there are programs that perform this task, because I noticed some search
engines (ie altavista) ask you type some blurr code appearing as image, just to
avoid these robots fill automatically fields. Since robots can't read (for a
while) that blurr images, it is necessary a human to type that info.


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