On Wed, 15 May 2002, k spellman wrote:
> /* This page receives and handles the data generated
> by "form.html". */
> print "Your first name is $FirstName.<BR>\n";
> print "Your last name is $LastName.<BR>\n";
> print "Your E-mail Address is $Email.<BR>\n";
> print "This is what you had to say:<BR>\n
> $Comments<BR>\n";

With newer installations of PHP, form data does not by default show up in 
eponymous variables. This has been discussed at great length here - just 
check the archives for any random day in the past month or so. 

For best results, write the print statement like this:

   print "Your first name is {$_REQUEST['FirstName']}.<br>\n";

and you'll get the results you're after.

> And the book suggested POST instead of GET because it
> is stated that Post is secure and GET is not.

That's ridiculous. Buy a new book.


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