> /* This page receives and handles the data generated
> by "form.html". */
> print "Your first name is $FirstName.<BR>\n";
> print "Your last name is $LastName.<BR>\n";
> print "Your E-mail Address is $Email.<BR>\n";
> print "This is what you had to say:<BR>\n
> $Comments<BR>\n";

More than likely you're using 4.2.0 which had global variables turned off by
default.  You're not the first one to experience this problem and probably
won't be the last.

You'll need to call the files using a global array....since you're using the
post method


would be the correct variable to use to get the FirstName data from the
Or an easier approach would be


which will provide you with the results no matter what method you use to
post the form.

> And the book suggested POST instead of GET because it
> is stated that Post is secure and GET is not.

hehehahaha =)  The book is dead wrong.  Both formats are insecure, the main
difference is that the GET method displays the variables in the url string
whereas post caches the variable values in the browser.  There are
advantages and disadvantages to both but neither of which have the advantage
of security.  IMO POST is better to use generally since it presents much
cleaner URLs to the end user, but I find the GET method much better when
debugging a script designed to process a form submission.


Craig Vincent

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