"Leotta, Natalie (NCI/IMS)" wrote:
> This might be a little bit JS and a little bit PHP.  I'm wondering if
> there's an easy way to refresh a PHP page on an "onClick" and change one
> parameter (say someone wants to redraw the graph, but with the points).  I
> don't want to pay attention to any of the other parameters that could have
> changed on the screen (we've got a bunch of selects).  We had come up with a
> really complicated way which involved changing the parameters to the most
> recent line drawn, deleting the most recent line, and then submitting with
> those parameters and the showPoints value changed, but that sounds pretty
> complicated.
> If anyone could come up with a quicker way that didn't involve the whole
> submitting thing, that would be easier.  My page has all of the vars that
> are necessary in hidden vars, and has HTML, PHP, and a handful of JS.

You wouldn't happen to have a demo would you? A visualization
would help me a lot.

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