"Leotta, Natalie (NCI/IMS)" wrote:
> It's all in a password protected site because the data's all confidential at
> this point in time, but I can give you a mental picture.
> There are a bunch of dropdowns - State, Cancer, Sex, Race, Age.  We're
> drawing a graph of best fit lines - up to 5 allowed on the graph, then we
> start over replacing them.  We don't draw the actual data points unless the
> user clicks on a checkbox.  They want that checkbox to be instant
> gratification, without making the user refresh.  I just want a way to make
> it do the refresh (and let me change that one variable, so it draws the
> points or doesn't draw the points), but not a full submit because that would
> add another line to the graph.

Since you're already using javascript... you could try generating 2 images
at the same time, one with the data points drawn, the other without, then using
the same technology as for javascript rollovers, you could replace the image
when the onClick event is caught. Instant gratification, and no messy varable

> I'm sorry I can't send you the URL at this stage of the game.  it should be
> up and running this summer though :-)

No problem, completely understandable :)

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