Currently, people can post links to images in an application I am using but
they can post something outrageous like 1000X800 pixels and it messes thing
up on the format.  I was sent this as a solution but it really bogs down
especially on images from certain servers.  Is there a better way to do

The $modSettings come from a settings file and are set by me, so 250X100 for

$maxwidth = $modSettings['maxwidth'];
 $maxheight = $modSettings['maxheight'];
 if(!($maxwidth=="0" && $maxheight=="0")){
  preg_match_all('/<img src="(http:\/\/.+?)" alt="" border="0">/is',
$message, $imgmatches, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER);
  for($i=0; $i<count($imgmatches[1]); $i++){
   $imagesize = @getimagesize($imgmatches[1][$i]);
   $width = $imagesize[0];
   $height = $imagesize[1];
   if($width>$maxwidth || $height>$maxheight){
    if($width>$maxwidth && $maxwidth!="0"){
     $height = floor($maxwidth/$width*$height);
     $width = $maxwidth;
     if($height>$maxheight && $maxheight!="0"){
      $width = floor($maxheight/$height*$width);
      $height = $maxheight;
     if($height>$maxheight && $maxheight!="0"){
      $width = floor($maxheight/$height*$width);
      $height = $maxheight;
   $imgnew[$i] = "<img src=\"" . $imgmatches[1][$i] . "\" width=\"$width\"
height=\"$height\" alt=\"\" border=\"0\">";
  $message = str_replace($imgmatches[0], $imgnew, $message);

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