>> [snip]
>> > but this is only needed only if you compile php into apache or am i
>> > wrong? if i have the cgi version installed, i can call the php
>> > script directly from the shell. The only thing for me to do then, is
>> > to set
>> >  #!/path.to/php in the first line of the script, right?
>> [/snip]
>> Can you have the compiled with apache version and the CGI version
>> installed on the same server?
> Sure can!

Yes... in your ./configure line, leave out the --with-apache and
--with-apxs options. This will warn you that it is about to create a
binary and not a module.
After a make install it will usually end up in /usr/local/bin/php for you
to use as your shell interpretor. (Follow up email regarding security to
follow from a linx post).
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