> the only thing that can smash th whole thing imo, is if
> you try to use the cgi version
> via web if you have php also installed as apache module. but all of
> what i wrote is a guess,
> never tried by myself.

You can do all of the following simultaniously without and clashes:
 * Use PHP as an apache module
 * Use PHP as a cgi-binary via the web
 * Use PHP for shell scripting

The first uses the module, the latter 2 use the binary created. They can
also be created with 2 differnt configure statments. EG: you could have
imap enabled in the apache module, but not in the binary... and you could
have 3 binarys, one with sockets & pcntl enabled, one with dom & xml
enabled, and one with everything enabled... etc.

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