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> I am trying to use the "smtp class" from phpguru.org with a mysql database
> using PHP.  My question is this.  I understand that I can send out email
> multiple email addresses using this class.  How can I populate these
> with the email addresses.  The fields that would have all of the addresses
> in them would be the ones that have [EMAIL PROTECTED] as the address.
> $send_params['recipients'] = array('[EMAIL PROTECTED]'); // The recipients
> (can be multiple)
> $send_params['headers'] = array('From: "' . $mailer . '"
> 'To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]' , 'Subject: ' . $mail_subject
>    );
> I figure that I would be using a while loop like the following:
>     while($query_data = mysql_fetch_row($result)) {
>     $row=mysql_fetch_object($result);
> //  This is where I would use something to add $row->email to the arrays.
> }

while($row = mysql_fetch_object($result))
{ $send_params['recipients'][] = $row->email; }

I just noticed in your code that you call fetch_row and
fetch_object...that's going to mess up things. just call one or the other.

---John Holmes...

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