Just subscribed to comp.infosystems....

True, the listen-fork model would hardly be any lines of code, but 
the changes that will have to be done to the client and the server 
would be enormous.  We are talking abt a production system here 
which needs to be optimised.  I cant honestly go ahead for a 
solution that would involve such a huge re-write :( though i'd 
love to do that using PHP.

Just wanted to take the chance to give a huge CONGRATS to the PHP 
dev team for making such an AMAZING server-side scripting 
language.  Beats the shit out of anything else (personal opinion 

And looking at the pace at which the development and feature 
additions are going on, wont be long before we have our very own 
"PHP-OS" !!! (for all i know, it might be already there)

Keep up the great work guys!


On Wed, 22 May 2002 Miguel Cruz wrote :
>On Wed, 22 May 2002, Miguel Cruz wrote:
> > On 22 May 2002, Vinod  Panicker wrote:
> >> "Instant" is how the response should be.  Thats why i'm 
> >> for the socket so that i can send data directly to the 
> >> from a C++ binary or maybe another script.
> >
> > If you're willing to write C code, I'd suggest posing your 
>question in
> > comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix, where people will be happy 
>to tell you
> > about Apache APIs that may be of use.
>And, to be honest, the listen-fork model is so simple that it's 
>not as if
>you're doing a whole lot of work implementing it in PHP. You're 
>looking at
>about 15 lines of code for a model case.
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