At 5:55 AM +0000 22/5/02, Vinod  Panicker wrote:

>I want the ability to write to a socket thats been created earlier
>- i want to steal it from Apache, so that i can use it when and
>where i like.

Why not just keep your script running and have it send more data
to the browser whenever it becomes available. The browser will
add the new data to the page on display.

With some clever use of DHTML you could probably make the existing
content be updated with the new material.

When a browser wants to trigger an update it will close the
existing connection and open a new one. Your running script will
be killed by apache and your new one would build a base page and
start streaming the data in it's place.

I see nothing here more complicated than a long-running script and
perhaps sessions to manage the browser-initiated connections.


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