> I thought maybe I had some problems with formatting 
 > variables in the HTML so I took all the formatting out of 
 > the script so it is really basic now and still have the same 
 > problem.  I also thought maybe there were issues with the 
 > data...i.e. with nulls and non-alpha-numeric characters.  I 
 > cleaned all the data so there is no null data and all 
 > characters are alpha-numeric. Still have the same problem.

Certainly sounds that way, however, I have built exceedingly complex
pages with tables nested, on one occasion to about four or five levels,
and the page doesn't fail to render correctly in multiple versions of
multiple browsers on multiple machines.

In almost every case of "odd" results it's been a code layout problem
that resulted in an html element not having an appropriate closing tag
or it's been due to the data itself - with the data keep in mind that an
unfortunately placed quote, greater than, less than or some other
characters can have an effect on rendering your page in html.

Pick a page that doesn't view "right" then view it's source.  Examine
the source to see why it's not right - what did it do, what code isn't
right?  Then compare the place where the final html isn't right with the
relevant part of your php source to see why it would happen - how it
would get from the php version to the browsed html version.

Once you look at that specific area you'll be closer to working out what
is going on.

CYA, Dave

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