Hmmmm....I have gone to 5 different machines now and still have the same
issues even though others who have replied indicate they don't see a problem
with the output.  It must be the crack I am smoking these days.  Maybe the
errors are too subtle that no one else notices?

I have changed the file to ASP and only changed the print to Response.Write
and removed  PHP syntax and the table creates perfectly every time on every
machine with mulitple browsers.  I have come to the conclusion PHP is the
problem...or at least the installation on my machine.  Maybe I will try
installing Apache and see if the results are different.

Thanks for the help.


"Tim Greenleaf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a search page that creates a dynamic table of results from MS SQL
> Server.  The table created on the web page does not always get created
> properly for the same recordset.  Sometimes a field may have a black or
> background color and if the same exact search is run again it will display
> properly.  If I have a  search with large number of records (few thousand)
> there is usually html text printed above the table of results.  If I
> the exact search multiple times, I will get different html text printed
> above the table.
> It seems as if the PHP engine/interpretor is not processing the script
> properly.  I would think if I had a syntax issue with the script or HTML
> would either error out or return the same results everytime.
> Has anyone else seen this problem before?
> w2k SP2
> PHP 4.2.1
> Thanks for the help.
> Tim

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