I hope this makes sense to someone....

Im converting a script over to work with 4.1.x +.
Im running php 4.1.2 on FreeBSD/Apache and I have 4.2.0 on w2k/IIS/Apache.
I sent the script to a friend of mine who is running w2k/Apache with 4.2.0.
He told me that the script isn't working for him but it was for me.
Upon closer inspection, I found out why it wasn't working for him, but 
Im wondering why it is for me.
I have register global turned off on both machines.
In the initial load of the page, I used $_GET to grab some variables 
from the url and pass it to hidden fields in the form.
Then the form is submitted to itself to insert into the database.  When 
its submitted, the script is looking for 'foo' and 'bar', but
they are now in the $_POST, and this is where it breaks for the other 
guy, because the script is still looking for 'foo' and 'bar' in
the $_GET array.  So in my case, it seems as if php is not behaving as 
it should.
So, my question is, are there any other php options that I should be 
looking for/using, to use the new variables in its strictest form.

If you need more info, dont hesitate to ask.

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