Its a fairly long script but this is a basic rundown of the mechanics.

/* user is sent here from another page, grab foo and bar from the url */
$foo = $_GET['foo'];
$bar = $_GET['bar'];

select * from database where this='$foo' and that='$bar';
$result = mysql_query(....);
if ($result === false)
    trigger_error(...);  // <- this is where it breaks for the other guy 
but not for me...

if (isset($_POST['submit']))
    insert into database (col1, col2) values ('$foo', '$bar');
    echo '<form action="some_page.php" method="post">';
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="foo" value="' . $foo . '">';
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="bar" value="' . $bar . '">';
    echo '<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">';

Now as it stands, initially it would work fine, but when the form is 
submitted, it would break, because 'foo' and 'bar' are in $_POST.
For some reason, this is working on my boxes with register_globals set 
to off.

Martin Towell wrote:

>code snippets would be good, if possible
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>Subject: [PHP] PHP new super globals or something else??
>I hope this makes sense to someone....
>Im converting a script over to work with 4.1.x +.
>Im running php 4.1.2 on FreeBSD/Apache and I have 4.2.0 on w2k/IIS/Apache.
>I sent the script to a friend of mine who is running w2k/Apache with 4.2.0.
>He told me that the script isn't working for him but it was for me.
>Upon closer inspection, I found out why it wasn't working for him, but 
>Im wondering why it is for me.
>I have register global turned off on both machines.
>In the initial load of the page, I used $_GET to grab some variables 
>from the url and pass it to hidden fields in the form.
>Then the form is submitted to itself to insert into the database.  When 
>its submitted, the script is looking for 'foo' and 'bar', but
>they are now in the $_POST, and this is where it breaks for the other 
>guy, because the script is still looking for 'foo' and 'bar' in
>the $_GET array.  So in my case, it seems as if php is not behaving as 
>it should.
>So, my question is, are there any other php options that I should be 
>looking for/using, to use the new variables in its strictest form.
>If you need more info, dont hesitate to ask.

Gerard Samuel

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