On 06/06/2002 12:42 AM, CÚsar l . aracena wrote:
> Ok. I've done everything that all of you told me to do, but still can't
> get to send e-mails to my ISP's mail address. I did all of the
> following:
> a) Append a Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Actually, it?s
> b) Send the e-mail to my Hotmail account, but everything seems fine. The
> address shown at the From: line is even the one I used in the Script.
> c) Because I have placed the Script into a server and not a local
> machine, asked the sysadmin to check the php.ini file and so but
> nothing.
> This step is crucial for my scripting and because all of my clients live
> here, most of them use the same ISP and have to get their e-mails.
> Actually, I didn't know how to change the content-type for my e-mail in
> order to do some testing. Can anyone help me with this? Might be my last
> chance...

You may want to try these classes:

SMTP Client class - enable debug to see dialog with SMTP server

MIME message sending and composing


Manuel Lemos

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