you miss understood what I was saying.  I said to have your hotmail account
setup as the return email address and then send mail to you ISP.  if the
mail bounces it will be returned to your hotmail account instead of your
ISP.  if you do receive the mail returned to your hotmail account. it should
give you some insight on what is going on with the error messages included
in the return mail.

Jim Lucas
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Ok. I've done everything that all of you told me to do, but still can't
get to send e-mails to my ISP's mail address. I did all of the

a) Append a Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Actually, it's
b) Send the e-mail to my Hotmail account, but everything seems fine. The
address shown at the From: line is even the one I used in the Script.
c) Because I have placed the Script into a server and not a local
machine, asked the sysadmin to check the php.ini file and so but

This step is crucial for my scripting and because all of my clients live
here, most of them use the same ISP and have to get their e-mails.

Actually, I didn't know how to change the content-type for my e-mail in
order to do some testing. Can anyone help me with this? Might be my last

Thanks in advance,

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