Hi again,

ok, i found the (weird!) problem now:

Its not my server nor my ISP, but php (at least, i think so):

Here are the exact lines i used in my test script:

1st non working - delayed example:

mail($receiver,"-Subject-","Here are your account details:\n\nusername: 
$lp_name\npassword: ".base64_decode($lp_pass)."\n\nYou can login now at: 
http://domain.com$PHP_SELF","From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\r\nReply-To: 

2nd working - non delayed example:

$message = "Here are your account details:\n\nusername: $lp_name\npassword: 
".base64_decode($lp_pass)."\n\nYou can login now at: http://domain.com$PHP_SELF";;
mail($receiver,"-Subject-",$message,"From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\r\nReply-To: 

This is rather strange, because all i did was changing the email-message text into a 
variable and pass it to the mail() function, instead of including the whole string 
directly in it.
But fact is, now it works just perfect without any delay!

Does anyone have an idea, what may cause example #1 not to be delivered instantly?
Or is my string in a bad-programming style?
...but then it shouldn't work as a variable either, right?

I am completely lost in this case,



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