> In that case, split it up into two-steps, to only init the
> array if you need to.... i'm not really sure how the rest of
> your code is -- you could probably do this a nicer way,
> but this will work:
> if (!is_array($ary["this"]))
> $ary["this"] = array();
> $ary["this"]["that"] = 1;

This is all well and good.  But I'm already doing that last one and it's 
that last that is getting messed up.

Again, if you look at the page I gave the link for, you'll see where it 

currentBranch[other][joe] = Array

(all good) but the next line it says:

Passing to getParentNodes: currentBranch[joe][monster] = SET

which it shouldn't.  Where it says "SET" it should say "Array".  This
is what my code is doing:


$currentBranch["$nodeName"]["{$nodeInfo[parent]}"] = "SET";

echo "Passing to getParentNodes: 
currentBranch[$nodeName][{$nodeInfo[parent]}] = " . 
$currentBranch["$nodeName"] . "<br>\n";


$nodeInfo[parent] is a valid value.  So $currentBranch["$nodeName"]
should be an array after that.  However, by some miracle (or bug in 
PHP), instead of printing out "Array", it's print out "SET".  And I have
no idea why it's doing that in my code.  The above works fine by itself,
however in my function it doesn't *even though they are doing the same
things with no other code between*.


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