That sounds very close to what I'm trying to do.  Is it necessary to reload
the page every time a selection is made?  Do you have examples of this that
work with multiple pull-down menus?

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Usually people do this with javascript, but you could use
javascript/php/mysql mysql for the data, php to create the dynamic drop down
menus and javascript to refresh the page once someone has picked an option.


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> Subject: [PHP] dynamic pull-down menus?
> Does anyone know how to create a web page with more than 2 selection
> that Interact?
> In my particular case, I'm trying to create a series of pull-down menus.
> The first selection is the choice of hardware class (workstation, server,
> laptop, pda, etc.).  The second selection is manufacturer.  The third is
> hardware components (video, hard drive, motherboard, etc.).  The last
> selection chooses between different types of information of information
> (Overview, Tech Specs, Drivers, etc.).
> My searches on the net have drawn up examples that typically work with two
> selection fields interacting.  The best article on this was from Leon
> Atkinson:
> I also found an example that does use 3 selection fields, but it appears
> be in ASP:
> Any ideas on how to go about this?
> Thanks,
> -Ed    
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