Cool.  Thanks Dave.  I'm exploring this stuff in another window.  I'll check

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 > That sounds very close to what I'm trying to do.  Is it 
 > necessary to reload the page every time a selection is made? 

I've found examples of the javascript side of it on that
helped last time I did this sort of thing.  The php/sql stuff is a
matter of figuring out what you need to extract and refining your
queries with each new menu to get the right data.

The need for page reload sorta depends on how much you want to load up
the page - the more select menus you have the more possible iterations
you get and, therefore, the more data you need to include in your page.
Beyond a certain point you may find that you're better off doing a page
reload and refreshing your select data rather than including it in the
original page.

 >  Do you have examples of this that work with multiple 
 > pull-down menus?

Once you have a double selection it shouldn't be a big task to extend.
You may find it easier to start with by just using html/javascript and
then adding the php/sql once you know the html/javascript is working
fine - just keeps complexity down while you're working it out.

CYA, Dave

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