You are experiencing two different problems.

1) The blank page you are seeing is possibly due to incorrect HTML 
markup, where you are using tables incorrectly (most common problem for 
people). Check to make sure you have the same number of data cells in 
each row, that all your tag are properly ended, etc. Internet Explorer 
gives a best effort to render improper tables, and thus you might see 
content with IE and not Netscape. As a test, you might want to just 
remove all tables.

2) The source you are getting is *not* source that would produce a blank 
page. What you are seeing is likely due to your cache settings not being 
high enough to cache the response, so Netscape would have to reload the 
resource to get the source. Since it was generated from a POST 
operation, you receive that warning. It doesn't make much sense to give 
you the *source* of that warning like it does, but that's the basic 
explanation. In short, seeing that in your source is similar to being 
unable to view the source, unless of course you are staring at a page 
that says "Data Missing" at the top with a brief explanation. :)

Hope that helps.


Steve Fitzgerald wrote:

>I. am testing a feedback form which consists of a single file with the
>standard '<form method="POST" action=<?php echo "$PHP_SELF" ?>>'
>It has problems when using ns4.7. If the form is filled in correctly it
>works and sends email, but it checks for required fields and correct
>email address and if there is a mistake ns shows a blank page with the
>following source:
><TITLE>Missing Post reply data</TITLE>
><H1>Data Missing</H1>
>This document resulted from a POST operation and has expired from the
>cache.  If you wish you can repost the form data to recreate the
>document by pressing the <b>reload</b> button.
>The whole thing works fine in ie5.5 with correct output of error or
>success messages and sending of email. Same result on localhost
>(win98se/apache1.3.2/php4.0.6) and public (unix/zeus/php4.1.2)
>What am i missing? Have i got some setting in ns that is preventing this
>from working?

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