> I know what you are both saying and it was a poor explanation from me as to what
> happened. let me explain it further because although the code is working now i
> would like to know what happened.
> We know the code should work the same regardless of browser since the server is
> interpreting the code not the browser, however;
> 1. the tables were all properly formatted. The script called for different includes
> depending on the situation - these were all complete individual tables (remember ns
> would display correctly, but only if the script excecuted to the end, ie corect
> input from the user)
> 2. the memory cache on ns was set to 5MG and the disk cache to over7MG - ample for
> this situation. I currently have the memory cache set to 1MG and it still works.
> 3. the only change i made between the first and second messages yesterday was to
> remove the 'exit' line, which i had placed in the script at a point after user
> input errors had been detected and before the email was sent.
> 4.ns threw up blank pages whenever i deliberately made an error on the form
> 5.once this line was removed ns worked as expected. ie worked as expected both
> before and after the amendment
> Any thoughts???
> Steve
> Stuart Dallas wrote:
> > On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 5:48:02 AM, you wrote:
> >
> > > An 'exit' directive had secretly sneaked into the script! which caused ns to
> > > abort the rest of the script (as it should) while ie blissfully ignored
> > > it(??). Anyway it all works now. Thanks again.
> >
> > Just thought I'd point out an error in your explanation. PHP is executed by the
> > server, not by the browser. Therefore, IE cannot have "blissfully ignored" an
> > exit directive since it never saw one. I think you've solved your problem by
> > coincidence rather than logic - a very bad way to write code.

As I am sure has been pointed out previously on this list, Netscape 
handled poorly formatted tables differently from IE. If the exit() caused 
a malformed table to be sent to Netscape, NS would not render the table, 
whereas IE will make an attempt to render based on the information 

You can demonstrate this by replacing the exit() and do a view source in 
both browsers. You will find the source is the same, but is rendered 

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

Quod subigo farinam

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