Justin French wrote:
<snip "force" code />

 > 1. Is this a widely accepted practice for forcing downloads (a pop-up 
> to download a file), given the problems with older versions of IE?

I believe so.

Sad, really :o).  Y'see, what you're doing is forcing your own 
preferences on the user (usually against their will) which is a Bad 
Thing.  Also, what are you going to do if the user's got a way of 
handling the MIME-type that you didn't expect?  They could be trying to 
open up "force/downloads" in their text editor, but *want* to have the 
file in question (say, a .pdf) open up somewhere else.

Okay, so I spend too much time involved in web design, where the f-word 
is considered rude.

> 2. Can someone tell me what the %20 is there for?

You can try typing http://www.foo.net/bar/of soap/he he he/ and it may 
work in some browsers.  The %20 (I forget the exact explanation, sorry) 
is basically code for the space.  All browsers understand 


Mark Gallagher

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