> Justin French wrote:
> <snip "force" code />
>  > 1. Is this a widely accepted practice for forcing downloads (a pop-up
> window
> > to download a file), given the problems with older versions of IE?
> I believe so.


> > 2. Can someone tell me what the %20 is there for?
> You can try typing http://www.foo.net/bar/of soap/he he he/ and it may
> work in some browsers.  The %20 (I forget the exact explanation, sorry)
> is basically code for the space.  All browsers understand
> http://www.foo.net/bar/of%20soap/he%20he%20he/
20 is the hex code for a space.  When the url get 'URLENCODED' any non-valid
characters get converted to hex. In some (broken?) browsers a space in the
URL may work but it's generally not a good idea.


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