I'm not sure I completely understand what you're asking, but taking a

... assuming you're just wanting to work with the data...

... and assuming you're creating a results set from your db query, start
with this code:

$Results = mysql_query($sql, $DBLink);

Within your function, you can specify a global variable:

function ProcessData()
        global $Results;



- or -

You can copy the results to an array and pass that around, like this:

$data = array;
$Results = mysql_query($sql, $DBLink);
while ($Row = fetch_array($Results))
        $data[] = $Row[];


function ProcessData($UserData)
        ... processing ...

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I have a line class that I'm using to draw a line graph of up to 5 lines.
Since I query the db for each of those lines (with a # as lineNum), my code
to take everything out of the fetch_arrays is fairly cumbersome.  I use this
code in 4 different programs (the graph, the printable graph, the data
table, and the accessible [D]).  To avoid code duplication, I'd really like
to be able to pass $sql and the 5 lines to a function in a different file,
that all 4 of my programs can use.
I have tried both 
function runSQL ($sql, &$line1, &$line2...) {
function runSQL ($sql, $line1, $line2...) {
    return array ($line1, $line2...);
but both ways timeout.  Is there any way for me to put data into my line
objects from a function?  I know that the include is working because I have
a test function that just prints out "Hello".
I've checked the manual, but it doesn't say anything about having a
user-made object as a param or a return.
Thanks for any info you may have!

Natalie S. Leotta
Information Management Services, Inc.
(301) 680-9770

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