On Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 6:30:11 PM, you wrote:
> So basically, to keep the address away from bots, keep it away from
> normal users. Okay, so something like this would be more effective:

> Have a form with a hidden input of the user's alias, and an input of "E-
> mail me!", that form posts to an email.php script that uses the user's 
> alias to pull the e-mail address out of the db and I suppose I could 
> use JavaScript to popup a new window to enter the text of the e-mail 
> and use mail() to send. Would displaying the e-mail address in that new 
> window again be just as bad as displaying it on the main page?

> I realize this isn't a new idea, but I'm assuming it's more secure than 
> just keeping a mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] link around.

Yes, that's one common way to 'hide' the email addresses.


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