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> http://www.phpclasses.org/browse.html/statistics/statistics.html#user-browsers

Interesting, but these stats only indicate what *browser* has been used...
not if JS was enabled/disabled.

case 1: user gets sick of pop-ups and crap, turns off JS on their browser
(sure, it's in their control)

case 2: paranoid sys admin disables JS on all browsers in a school / library
/ cafe / organisation (it's out of the user's control)

case 3: JS is accidently turned off by someone who doesn't have a clue what
it all means, or they've cranked their security setting through the roof.

There are many more.

> This is a site for geeks/hackers. In a normal site the Javascript less
> share is even smaller.

I'd argue that sites frequented by geeks are more likely to have users with
the latest browsers, faster computers, bigger monitors with higher res,
etc... sure there may be a few geeks who like to stick it up the system and
surf with something like Lynx (0.28% of your users).

On non-geek content sites, I would believe the results are different.  We
actually get quite a lot of NN3, IE3, IE4, NN4 surfers on a craft/hobby
store site, adding up to around 9-10%.

Once again, we're comparing browsers, not the availability of JS though.

In theory, all of them came "out of the box" with JS, but I'm not going to
lay any bets on how many still have it turned on (how many years since

> BTW, it is nothing related but watch how Mozilla/Netscape is discretely
> swalling back share from IE at a pace of more than 1% a week.

I'd say that will increase a LOT more once AOL adopt NN7!

I understand your reasoning behind choosing a JS implementation, but I'm
still not convinced at all.

And Miguel has raised an interesting point about useability... I feel this
is going to be a huge issue in coming years...

If you can be sued for not having wheelchair access in a hotel (a demand
that all people can walk), then surely the hotel's website can also be sued
for making demands about the user's method of surfing.

SOCOG already copped this in Sydney 2002 didn't they???

Justin French

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