On 06/14/2002 01:25 AM, Analysis & Solutions wrote:
>>>>Javascript-less represent less then 0.5% of the users in the World.
>>>I'd be interested in seeing this data proven.  I'm not being sarcastic --
>>>I'm genuinely interested.
> Just because they have a browser that can handle JS doesn't mean they have 
> it turned on.
> My target audience is the folks who are smart enough to keep JS turned
> off.

And what is the percentage of users that intentionallu disable 
Javascript in their browsers?

> I keep JS off my sites because I want them to be universally accessible.

This is a nice theory but in practice you can benefit a lot of 
Javascript without compromising the accessibility of your site.

> Considering there's very little Java'sCrap does that can't be done server 
> side, there's very little reason to use it.

I don't agree. Form validation can benefit a lot of Javascript. You 
should always do it on the server side, but if you also do it on the 
client side with Javascript you avoid the server round trip and the time 
and patience of the user that has to wait for the server to tell him 
that something is wrong in the form.


Manuel Lemos

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