Hi all,
All of you, who have read any of the posts I’ve made in the past, may
have noticed that I’m really new to PHP and RDBM. Well, now I have the
chance of making a great web site and would like it to be my “personal
signature” in the future, so I would really like to do it right. Also, I
would like to consider the possibility of making it in the most
extensive way possible, in order to learn basically all there is of PHP
and you guys and gals.
What I need here, is for you to drop some of your ideas on how the site
should be schemed, in order to make it the most secure and function-able
site it can.
Here’s the deal:
a)       The client is a local University that attends students from 2
States (or Provinces). Most of these students don’t have the possibility
to travel hundreds of miles every day, and some can’t afford to rent an
apartment here.
b)       Another problem, is that most of the classes are given in
classrooms prepared for 40 – 60 students, but sometimes are filled with
up to 200 and most of them, have to hear the class from outside a window
or from the hall.
c)       The third problem, are books. Most of the literature that it’s
needed for each class is way too expensive for students to buy and some
other books aren’t even in stores, so most of the student’s budget is
spent in photocopying thousands of pages per semester.
This is what I’ve come up so far:
a)       A secure area personalized for each student, where he/she can
re-read the class they missed.
b)       An area where the students can read or download books, in order
to avoid having to spend so much money in photocopies.
c)       A secure area where the professors can answer the registered
student’s questions.
d)       Forums, Mailing lists and Chat areas to let the registered
students interact with each other instead of spending time and money in
transportation every time they have to get together to study.
e)       News from the Campus.
f)         Automatic news (as mailing lists) from chosen faculties
and/or classes (sent to the student’s e-mail).
Well… hoping to hear from all of you who have made something alike or
would like to help in the development of something like this.
Cesar Aracena <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Neuquen, Argentina

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