Thanks on the quote. Actually, I am wondering about the legal concern
about publishing books in a site like this. It comes to my mind, that if
only registered students are able to search trough this site, it will be
just like an open University library. Of course the University would
hold at least one hard copy of each book published and written
permission of each author/editor. I think of this part as a "on-line
library" of the University... does this make any sense?

About the other point, when you say "decent" what are you suggesting?
What would it be stronger and more reliable... a SESSION handler or http

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> > b)       An area where the students can read or download books, in
> > to avoid having to spend so much money in photocopies.
> That will be illegal :)
> Everything else sounds good.
> Start with a decent user/member/login/session system, then work your
> up
> from there.
> Justin French
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