Had more of a look at the server side of things.  It isn't even requesting
the page in IE (according to the server logs).  It's like once it has a copy
of the page, it is completely ignoring the server copy.  I have tested on
several different machines and on a few different networks (including the
network the server is on - no proxy server).  Again, netscape doesn't have
this problem.  The crazy thing is that if I don't use sessions (and I'm only
using 1 variable - a username), this works perfectly ok in both browsers.

*scratches head*

Any more suggestions?  I'm not using the location function at all BTW.

Best Regards
Bob (Coffee + Laptop = KABOOM!) Irwin
Server Admin & Web Programmer
Planet Netcom
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> I'm not sure if this might be related to the problem you're having, but
> Internet Explorer has a long history of poor cookie implementation, from
> the browser allowing anyone to read cookies from any site (versions 4.0
> - 6.0) to the browser not sending the cookie information in subsequent
> requests as it should (version 5.5 - maybe others).
> In particular, there is an IE bug related to use of the "Location"
> header that causes some versions of IE to "forget" the cookies in the
> next request. Basically, when the server responds with a 304 and
> includes the "Location" header, the browser is supposed to submit a GET
> request for the URL specified in that header for the content. It is in
> this request that IE might be failing to include the cookie information.
> If this sounds remotely similar to your problem (you have some code that
> looks something like header("Location: ...) in part of the transactions
> that fail), try to use a relative URL in the header rather than the full
> URL. This violates the standard, but it has been known to alleviate the
> bug in IE, and other browsers will gracefully handle the relative URL
> anyway.
> Chris
> Bob Irwin wrote:
> >G'day,
> >
> >I'm using  scripts that are using sessions.  A user logs into a main page
> >with
> >a master list of database entries.  They go to another page, add a new
> >database entry and it appears on the master list.  The user adds another
> >database entry and upon going back to the master list, the new entry does
> >not exist.  It is like the database has not been updated.  Refreshing the
> >page does not help,  I have to go and touch the file on the server or
> >restart the browser to see the changes.
> >
> >What I though yesterday was the problem was occuring in both netscape and
> >browsers.  However, I have since discovered that netscape does NOT have
> >problem. Are there any session issues known to occur only with Internet
> >Explorer?  We are running PHP 4.2 on a unix box with apache.
> >
> >Any ideas?
> >Best Regards
> >Bob (Coffee + Laptop = KABOOM!) Irwin
> >Server Admin & Web Programmer
> >Planet Netcom
> >
> >
> >
> >
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