Hi all. I'm having the same problem when developing a site with a flash
animation inside. Let's say I'm seeing the page, I change the flash
background color, save the flash animation again and refresh the page...
nothing happens.

I found out that is a problem of configuration of my IE. If I go to
Tools > Options > Temporary Internet Files and set it up to "Every visit
to the page" then it get refreshed well. The thing is that I don't want
to tell every visitor to change this. Isn't there a way for PHP to send
"refresh" header if the visit is beign made after the last update date
stored maybe in a DB or file???

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> G'day,
> I'm using  scripts that are using sessions.  A user logs into a main
> with
> a master list of database entries.  They go to another page, add a new
> database entry and it appears on the master list.  The user adds
> database entry and upon going back to the master list, the new entry
> not exist.  It is like the database has not been updated.  Refreshing
> page does not help,  I have to go and touch the file on the server or
> restart the browser to see the changes.
> What I though yesterday was the problem was occuring in both netscape
> IE
> browsers.  However, I have since discovered that netscape does NOT
> this
> problem. Are there any session issues known to occur only with
> Explorer?  We are running PHP 4.2 on a unix box with apache.
> Any ideas?
> Best Regards
> Bob (Coffee + Laptop = KABOOM!) Irwin
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