On Sunday 30 June 2002 00:31, Mike Tuller wrote:
> I only ask questions if I have tried to do something myself already. I am
> not looking for someone to do something for me. When I do ask a question
> though, I feel I deserve at least a little respect. If you want to be an
> ass, do it somewhere else.

Attitude! What part of my post offended you? I was merely stating what you 
need to know to be able to solve your problem. And then I asked which part 
you were having trouble with.

You have given no indication in your post as to what level of competence you 
have in PHP and HTML. The only hint was that the example you quoted was 
beyond your understanding.

You have given no indication of what you have done and did or didn't work.

So how is one supposed to respond to your post?

a) give you a solution, which may or may not be beyond your understanding?
b) or prod you along the right direction with a request for more information?

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