Mike Tuller wrote:

>I only ask questions if I have tried to do something myself already. I am
>not looking for someone to do something for me. When I do ask a question
>though, I feel I deserve at least a little respect. If you want to be an
>ass, do it somewhere else.
It seems *you* are the one being an ass and needing to "do it somewhere 

If you can't have enough respect for people trying to help you by 
answering the simplest of questions (that should have been given in your 
original question anyway), you don't deserve an answer.

Here are Mr. Wong's questions again (very appropriate questions at 
that). Perhaps if you offer him a sincere apology, thank him for his 
time, and *answer* *his* *questions*, he might be willing to forgive 
your poor attitude and offer you some help.

>>There are two things you need to know:
>>1) How to construct a select list in HTML
>>2) How to retrieve the info from the db
>>What are you having problems with?
If you don't know a damn thing, that's fine. An appropriate answer would 
be, "I neither know how to construct a select list in HTML nor how to 
retrieve information from a database."


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