Your form action parameter has an absolute url specifying an https
protocol. When the browser submits the form, it uses the url you specify
which is https. So the request is going to be encrypted. You might
consider serving the form page from https as well to kind of tighten
things up a little, but the data will be posted under https which is an
encrypted connection. Your main problem is going to be the fact that the
http and https services are accessing two different file system spaces
(or they should be unless you've got your server badly misconfigured) so
the http://...register.php is going to be a different file from the
https://...register.php. You might want to reconsider your design.


On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 04:21, B.C. Lance wrote:
> hi,
> the above question has been puzzling me for a while. the situation is this.
> display a user registration form having
> [form action=""; method="post"]
> will the data from that page be encrypted when it is sent via https
> specified in the [form] action?
> note: the registration form is served from http.
> could someone enlighten me on this?
> regards,
> b.c. lance
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