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> I think I misunderstood your question. You have a Perl script that returns
> HTML and SSI and you want that string, returned to PHP, to be parsed by
> Apache, so the SSI is evaluated, right?
> Okay, now that I've sorted that out, I don't have an answer for you. Sorry.
> It seems like a very bad way to do things and you're making things harder
> than they should be.
> In thinking about it, are you really sure that virtual won't do what you
> want?
> virtual() is an Apache-specific function which is equivalent to <!--#include
> virtual...--> in mod_include. It performs an Apache sub-request. It is
> useful for including CGI scripts or .shtml files, or anything else that you
> would parse through Apache. Note that for a CGI script, the script must
> generate valid CGI headers. At the minimum that means it must generate a
> Content-type header. For PHP files, you need to use include() or require();

> virtual() cannot be used to include a document which is itself a PHP file.

But my SSI script outputs data that contains PHP scripts, which I want to 
have parsed.


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