> The problem I have is with a page I build dynamically. The 
 > whole page is encased in <form></form> tags. In between these tags
 > are sections echoed as a result of a databasse query. Each of these 
 > sections is a form.

 > <form name="addproduct">
 > <table>
 > <!-- loop round result set creating a form for each row -->
 > <form name="detail">
 >   dynamic content
 > </form>
 > <form>
 >   dynamic content
 > </form>
 > <form>
 >   dynamic content
 > </form>
 > </table>


To the best of my knowledge you can't nest forms like this.  Even if you
can I'd suggest it's bad practice as you'll all too easily run into
problems and complexity issues (eg. Having to specifically name each
form etc).  I'd suggest finding a different way to achieve what you want
(more forms most likely).

CYA, Dave

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