>Also, how can I make certain columns into links?  I'm making a site that
>will list college courses.  When users decide to browse listings by
>discipline, or college, I'd like the titles of the courses to be links to
>fuller descriptions of those courses.  But I'm
>not sure how to do that.

  if (!isset($order_by)){
    $order_by = 'title';
  $query = "select discipline, college, title from courses order by
$order_by ";
  $courses = mysql_query($query) or error_log(mysql_error());
    <TD><A HREF=<?=$PHP_SELF?>?order_by=discipline</TD>
    <TD><A HREF=<?=$PHP_SELF?>?order_by=college</TD>
    <TD><A HREF=<?=$PHP_SELF?>?order_by=title</TD>
  while (list($discipline, $college, $title) = mysql_fetch_row($courses)){
    echo "  <TR>\n";
    echo "    <TD>$discipline</TD>\n";
    echo "    <TD>$college</TD>\n";
    echo "    <TD><A HREF=details.php?title=", urlencode($title),
    echo "  </TR>\n";

Actually, you probably have a course "number" which would be a much better
ID to use for the details.php page. :-)

If you need to generalize this for a ton of columns, or a lot of tables,
there is a function named something not unlike mysql_field_name() in PHP
which will let you get the field names of the columns of any table in your

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