> Any suggestions on how to do this?  


*DO* look around and find yourself some text about normalization. I 
mean, paper. Something you can hold in your hands without rushing to 
try-and-code it. Then get yourself a sigarette (if you are a smoker) and 
spend two hours of your life making sure you perfectly understand what 
data modeling is like. If you miss this step there is almost nothing 
that people can do to help you.

Look for a list that specializes in data-modeling. That's definitely OT 
here. Not that I don't want to talk about it, but reading this list will 
not give you much in that direction.

> Any ideas on optimizing this?  DB stuff doesn't come near the top of things
> I'm good at :)  

> The other problem is that any pages that end up having no
> Header "disappear", which is a good thing on the menu, but a bad thing on
> the admin pages when you're trying to connect all of them.

See point 1).




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